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One-to-one support that will transform your relationship with food and your body and optimise your health. Through nutritional programming, training programming and lifestyle support, incorporating therapeutic strategies to support mindfulness, compassion and emotional regulation, this work will leave you at peace with your relationship with food. For Personal Trainers and Coaches, this can be combined with one-to-one mentoring.


If you struggle with disordered eating or exercise habits, your emotions around food or find yourself preoccupied with how you ‘should’ eat or look, or if you struggle with finding peace with your body, please get in touch.

Emilia also specialises in female health, specifically supporting fertility and those undergoing assisted reproduction.

Emilia has years of experience in supporting people and currently runs the ETPHD method, a group of coaches trained in Emilia’s specific methods who collectively support 1000s of people worldwide.

About Dr Emilia Thompson

Dr Emilia Thompson is a Registered Nutritionist, university lecturer, associate fellow of the higher education academy and online nutrition consultant providing an evidence-based, compassionate approach to nutrition. With a background in sport and exercise nutrition and physiology, Emilia runs an online education course (EIQ Nutrition) as well as fitness events (Level Up Events) and is a leading public speaker in health and fitness. Incorporating a person-centred and values-based approach to nutrition within her practice, she is also currently training in psychotherapy.

Listen to the Single Mother By Choice podcast

You can also find 100s of podcast episodes featuring Emilia as a guest speaker by searching her name on any podcast platform.

Emilia currently limits consultancy numbers and operates waitlist. Please complete the application form below.

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